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Accounting 101 for Small Business Owners

Getting a better understanding of basic accounting concepts and terms is getting a better understanding of your business. Check out our comprehensive Accounting 101 guide for small business owners.


How To Tackle Your Own Bookkeeping Duties

Whether it’s to regain control from your bookkeeper or just so you can have a better understanding of the numbers, this guide is for you.


ecommerce and retail small business owner

eCommerce Business Planning Checklist to Better Manage Finances

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress store, or if you’re just operating your own eCommerce website—this easy planning checklist is for you!


Tax Tips for Farming Businesses (and Kashoo How-To’s)

Being in control of your bookkeeping as a farming business not only allows you to see your day-to-day numbers and spot trends in your overall finances, but it gives you all the tools you need to make smarter business decisions with less effort.


How Accounting Software Can Streamline Processes In Your Creative Agency

Accounting and Non-Accounting Strategies for Creatives

Despite financial and profitability challenges being the common ground for many creatives working tirelessly in the creative/digital space, there are strategies that can enable streamlined agency operations.